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Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS 2004 Olympian 4-Time National Judo Champion BJJ Black Belt  

"I thought the workout was practical, and is very easy to do with limited time, space, and equipment. I like how it is broken into separate sections for upper, legs core etc" Paul Wade  

"Working Out With Rhadi is a fine DVD. The workout is versatile, and can be made as easy or difficult as necessary. It can be done anywhere, with no equipment and very little space; I'm very pleased with it." V. Messner

"I'm a competitive MMA/Submission Grappler and I do some intense exercise to keep my cardio up for the high demands imposed on my game. Working Out With Rhadi video gave me a great alternative to my normal routine and was very surprised by how challenging it was. His methods are very innovative and his exercises fit perfectly into my previous circuits. I even got my old mother into some of the routine as well, how's that for versatility?!" Krishna Mirjah  

"This video is the real deal. It simplifies working out into something very doable for "time challenged" people. We all have run into the "logistical" problems of working out. Travel to and from gym, making sure you have your gym bag, babysitters, etc. These snafu's can easily eat up 1 hour of your precious time. With this DVD, you can do the workout right in your own home quick, fast, and in a hurry. Moreover, it's a CHALLENGING workout!! It will have you breathing hard if you do the exercises correctly. Additionally, Rhadi's wife, Traci, also demonstrates a "scaled down" version of the workout for those of us that don't want to train as intensely as a world class judo player. There is also enough variety on the DVD so that the routine doesn't go stale easily. This DVD is a must for people that have limited time and limited resources to get a GOOD WORKOUT." Wayne Green

"I have been doing The Working Out With Rhadi exercises for about 2 weeks now and my flexibility as well as my stamina or (gas) as we like to call it in Hawaii for grappling has greatly been improved, and even my grappling partners have noticed. Even my wife has started doing the workouts with me, I've even told my friends about your website and hopefully they've taken advantage of your products as well! Thanks a lot!" Brandon Tanaka  

"I really enjoyed The Working Out With Rhadi video. It was very insightful and educational. Plus I never thought I could get that great of a workout without hitting the weights." Ronnie Rusness  

“With Rhadi’s bodyweight workouts, I feel younger than my calendar age in the first time in years. It really doesn't get any better than this.”It just doesn't get any better than this. You won't find better training guidance anywhere. I've worked out with Rhadi and coached him in international competition. You won't find anyone that knows more about getting an athlete into shape. These are practical proven workouts that will fire up your metabolism and get you into better shape than you ever could achieve at some 'chrome barbell' gym. These workouts will put the bounce back in your step and the hungry gleam in your eye. You won't hurt and move like an eighty year old all the time. You can maintain and increase your strength and power. You can manage your weight while your body not only heals from the years of abuse but becomes stronger than ever.What I really enjoyed about the workout is that you don't need to be an athlete to benefit from "Working out with Rhadi" either. Rhadi has designed these workouts to let anyone, in any shape start working on getting healthier. You can ease into the program in the privacy of your home. Think of it, an Olympic athlete helping you get fit in your living room - no driving to the gym, no finding a sitter, just take twenty minutes and watch the results." -- Stan Wentz

"Rhadi, In case you have a few readers who may be a little skeptical or on the fence when it comes to purchasing this product, let me make it easy and break it down for them. The workout is phenomenal! Not only is The Working Out With Rhadi video functional, but Rhadi explains each exercise in simple terms, down to what part of the body that is targeted for each movement. Additionally, the workout is quick. If someone is looking for a workout that is time effective, I cannot think of a more cost effective program on the market today." Jason Ball  

"Rhadi, I have to say that it has been fantastic the way the bodyweight workouts have helped me. I really liked the way you took the time to show how to make the exercises easier or harder depending on my condition, they are easy to learn but that is where easy ends because they do wear me out, but that has been an excellent thing because the weight is coming off and I really appreciate it. As soon as I can I'll be getting your Backyard Workout next because I could really use the information about changing my diet. Thanks for everything." David Schlehuber  

"I'm speechless. Not only did your workout give me one heluva workout it also saved me time and money. I live in Washington D.C. Here we have this dumb "alternate street parking" law. This law says you can only park on certain sides of the street on certain days. On December 28th I woke up late for the gym. It takes me 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back. Because I woke up an hour late, by the time I got back I knew all the parking spaces would be gone by my apartment. So instead of risking losing my parking space I was just gonna skip my cardio workout for the day. Then I remembered that I had to workout. I was traveling the next couple of days and probably wouldn't be able to workout then. I had just received the Backyard workout a couple days before and gave it a try. I pulled the video up on my laptop, moved my desk and laid a towel down on my apartment floor. The next thing I know, I was sweating like I had done the Step Mill on level 20 for 30 minutes! Fantastic workout! Now instead of waking up extra early to go to the gym to do cardio, I sleep a little later. It's so easy to just roll out of bed, cue up the video and get a great workout without all the hassles of going to the gym. Thanks for making my life that much easier." - Ken Stewart