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You may lose some matches but you'll win more than you have ever before once you understand these grip fighting secrets. 

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Dear Judo Enthusiast,  

Learning tachiwaza and how to throw is only the first step in the judo process. Before you can reap the rewards, of throwing people in high level competitions, you must get your grip fighting game tight, and that means embracing that grip fighting is a skill that needs to be trained just like your throws…  

...For years—decades maybe—we’ve known that if you cannot grip, you cannot throw. We've seen several preople with "great" judo who get beat by people who do not have "great" judo but have great grip fighting. Having great judo will help you win many Kata competitons but it will not stop you frm getting thrown on your head in randori or getng beat in shiai. 

But none of that will matter to YOU if you don't get your hands on my Grip Fighting Library. Because cannot throw what you cannot grip!

Throwing Is Easy. Getting Your Hands On A Person To Throw Them And In Such A Way That They Cannot Throw You Is HARD! 

Let’s face it, you already know enough to throws to demonstate the whole Gokyo No Waza. . You can demonstrate your favorite throw during nagekomi practice, you can uchikomi your tokui waza to death and you can throw some people with it.  

You know your stuff. 

And so do a lot of people. 

So, what's holding the development of your judo and countless others back?

Well, it's 2 things. One, simply put... is grip fighting. 

Grip Fighting is just a matter of putting your hands in the right place at the right time and knowing how to keep them therre so that you can execute your tokui waza on ANYBODY. AND most importantly, to make sure that they can't throw you.... AT ALL!

The second is... most people just don't know where to start. 

Clearing the Confusion Surrounding the Grip Fighting Landscape 

Look, we’ve all been there. You have work. Some of you have school, children and responsibilities. You have things to do and you just want to go to martial arts class and learn and then test your skills at a few tournaments every know and then.

The last thing you need is to add a grip fighthing learning curve to your task list. But I’m here to tell you, if you don’t tackle this job, your judo, your takedowns and your transition game (tachiwaza into newaza) will forever suffer while you keep on getting promoted and keep on learning "judo." But you wil NEVER, and I mean NEVER, throw anybody who understand where to put their hands and why. And your judo will be good but it will never be as good as it can be unless you download this information into your body's "judo cells."

And most of all, you won’t have the ability to help others along the way as much as possible with their development. Your ability to uphoald the banner of "mutual welfare and benefit" will suffer because you won't have the information so that others can mutually benefit. 

Clearly, you owe it to yourself—and your training partner—to be the best you can be. This will raise the quality of practice, of training sessions, of judo in your area and your judo as well. And I bet you will also share this information once you have and and put it in the hands of those who need it most. 

And I have just the thing to help you do that...

There’s Nothing Magical About Grip Fighting It doesn’t require a degree in exercise science or technical expertise. And unlike just a few years ago, it no longer requires a huge investment.  

But it does require that you have a solid understanding grip fighting, proper information, and a bit of a time investment. 

Here's Everything You're Getting Right now...  

1. The Core of This Special "Subscriber Appreciation" Deal is My High Level Basics Of Grip Fighting Training Lessons. ($7.00 Value)

You will receive a total of 7 educational modules which will show you exactly what to do and why you must do it this way. You will be walked into the domain of the elite and you will understsand grip fighting as you have not understood it before. You will understand why you must have your hands in a certain location, position and orientation. And you will know when to attack and when attacking is not a good option.  

  • Introduction To The High Level Basics of Grip Fighting  
  • The Standard Gripping Sequences In The Ai Yotsu and Kenka Yotsu Situations  
  • The Application Of The Standard Gripping Sequence  
  • The Application Of The Basic Gripping Sequence  
  • The Relationship Between The Standard Gripping Sequence & The Basic Gripping Sequence. AND.... the most important lesson of the whole module which is.... KILLING THE "F________ S________ H______"  
  • How To Establish, Get, And Maintain Sleeve Control. And The Practical Application Of What We Have Learned  
  • Bonus - See The Killing Of The "F-S-H" In Action In practice, in competition and when you really need to score.

2. The Second Portion of This Special "Subscriber Appreciation" Deal is My Cross Gripping Blueprint Training Lessons. ($97.00 Value)

In this video series you will DISCOVER: 

  • The Secrets of Stepping out and Stepping in .... (if you only got this and this ONLY, your investment would be well spent)
  • The NUMBER ONE takedown that you must have and know for the cross gripping sequence to reach its FULL POTENTIAL
  • THE SAME takedown skills and drills that my students practice at Tampa Florida Judo
  • The Number One Mistake that people make when it comes to hand placement
  • How To Practice The Cross Gripping Sequence by yourself and with a partner
  • Live footage of the cross grip sequence working at the Junior level and the Senior international level
  • The myths and fallacies of grip fighting
  • The secret to setting up the Cross Gripping Sequence (This is the secret that we call "The Zero")
  • The one cross gripping drill and throwing sequence that my son has been practicing for 3 years (and he hardly does randori and is a National Champion)
  • Guaranteed results
  • 14 Information rich videos where the details are covered, discussed, illustrated and shown
  • 3 of the most high percentage entries to fully access the cross grip
  • How to flow from standup into ground work with the cross gripping system
  • How to drill so that you create the mental representation for necessary cross grip entry selection and know
  • EXACTLY which version of the cross grip to perform
  • Bonus video footage and the discussion of lefty vs. right and how to use the cross grip in this situation

3. The Third and Last Portion of This Special "Subscriber Appreciation" Deal is Lefty Vs. Righty: The Definitive Guide To The Kenka Yotsu Situation Training Lessons. ($297.00 Value)

There are 17 educational modules in the "Lefty Versus Righty: The Definitive Foundational Guide For The Kenka Yotsu Situation" course. And each module can stand alone on its own merit as each one lays down an important piece of the lefty vs. righty grip fighting foundation upon which the rest of your judo game development in tachiwaza depends.  

I'm more than confident that you'll learn how to make your grip fighting game so robust that you will win matches and dominate randori sessions even if you suck at throwing and even if you can't do an uchimata to save your life.  

Do I want you to get better at throwing? Hell YEAH!  

But there's no reason why you should lose wlhile you're getting better. You can AND SHOULD win while learning. Winning while getting better is the key. And you should have the option to do that because that's what all of the winners do -- They put themselves in a position to win while they keep developing.

So here's what you get with "Lefty Vs. Righty: The Definitive Guide To The Kenka Yotsu Situation"

  • 17 Video Modules On Lefty Versus Righty
  • The details of foot placement and where you need to be and not to be
  • How to stay out of danger why setting traps and baiting your opponent
  • How to "kill the sleeve" and dominate the match
  • The tools to charge your judo game into high gear through competent and competitive grip fighting skills
  • How to create the most perfect and powerful throwing opportunities through grip fighting and proper positioning
  • How to make yourself seems closer than you are by understanding this distance management technique (this is how you make sure that you grip first)
  • Discover how to make sure nobody ever grips over your back again to matter how tall they are
  • Understading the concept of the "Zero"
  • How to dominate the sleeve and understand the "lapel-sleeve" game
  • The number one key to beating the front side hand
  • How To Get Your Sleeve Back If You Lose Control Of It
  • The "re-threading drill" that is the foundational movement for understanding and developing inside control
  • The minor errors that everybody is bound to make if you don't know these few fixes
  • How and why you should "pull the person to the normal" and how to do it
  • Understsanding the importance and difference of tempo and pace when it comes to grip fighting
  • Understanding the zones of gripping and how and why you should be in a certain zone and NEVER in another
  • How To Make SURE You Win In Zone One
  • Understanding the principle of "set-it" and "forget-it" as it pertains to kenka yotsu
  • Eliminate that feeling of uneasiness that makes you switch sides when you feel outgripped

No Guesswork... No Thinking... Just Follow the Step-by-Step Video And Watch Your Grip Fighting Game Skyrocket!  

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